Canadian IPO's

The growth in revenue for several top Canadian IPO’s has been fascinating to watch in 2017.  A number of these companies have climbed higher in value than expected.  And, some of these tech companies are younger, but certainly flexing their muscle.  Multiple IPO’s are illustrating even greater ROI’s for Canadian investors.  Today’s Canadian technology firms are also enjoying more financial security.  And, this improved financial stability is encouraging this year’s continuing parade of IPO’s—of which many deep pocketed investors are keen on learning more about.

So, all the venture capital that has poured into the tech industry really does seem to be paying off.  If Canadian companies such as “Real Matters” (and others) can keep growing; and if the market environment stays fair and steady, then financial experts and tech whizzes alike believe there will be an influx of IPO’s through the next several years.  But for now, let’s take a moment to explore what tech start-ups are currently the most likely to become IPO candidates now.

Innovative, Canadian IPO’s Find Growth in the Canadian Market

2017 appears to be the year for progressive companies like Snapchat, Canadian Goose, AppDynamics—and a few others. The top 5 are listed in the actual order they rank.

  1. Kinder Morgan: Well known today as one of the largest IPO’s since Hydro One Ltd., Kinder Morgan has a valuation of about 9.5 billion to date.  It also holds subsidiary companies such as “Trans Mountain Pipeline system,” and others.  These affiliations have increased the shares that will sell on the IPO.
  2. Canada Goose: Is a huge provider of luxury clothing items, specifically their renowned parkas made from Coyote fur and Grey goose down.  This is an IPO to watch as it continues to grow and rise in the markets despite PETA petitions.  It’s year-round spring collection is strengthening the company’s performance. The company has 20 million shares and these are priced at $17 Canadian dollars each.
  3. Jamieson Wellness, Inc: Founded in 1922 and headquartered in Canada, this wellness company has done amazingly well through the years and is now emerging as an IPO on the market.  They have raised $300 million and are going to start trading on the market in July—so a lot of excitement going on! The company’s IPO is being carried by Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal.
  4. Bento Sushi: This company started from humble beginnings but has emerged as a giant on the ready-to-eat food market.  They have applied for an IPO and have raised $144.2 million Canadian dollars.  This company began as a takeout shop in 1996 and now employs over 1,400 sushi chefs.  The revenue growth for this company has doubled since its initial emergence.
  5. Real Matters: This company is set to take an IPO seat and continues to strengthen and excel.  While an undisclosed amount has been raised, in private capital the amount is around $164.2 million in US dollars.  The company is known to have a 16% market share in Canada too.  Their belief in real value has earned them a great reputation and a 95% client retention rating—which is excellent.

Investors Look Forward to the Emergence of More Canadian IPO’s 

Of course, investors keep their eyes open for other emerging companies.  For example, there are many biotech companies beginning to move forward into the limelight too.  These can be solid investments that can certainly pay off for the future.  While there might have been somewhat of a dry spell for tech companies in 2015-16, this year and the future looks bright!

The tech industry is growing rapidly, which is certainly great for Canadian economics; and most certainly for the stock market!  And, it’s important to point out that carrying out the necessary research on these IPO’s can determine which are more likely to give back the more viable return for the long-term.