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Renegotiating NAFTA: What Can Canadians Expect

NAFTA is a strong trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada.  This agreement came into being in 1994.  The initial emergence of this agreement began in 1989 between Canada and the United States alone, but was appended in 1994 to add Mexico.  The Trump Administration has placed a big question mark smack dab

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Canadian IPO's

Investors Discover 5 Top Canadian IPO’s

The growth in revenue for several top Canadian IPO’s has been fascinating to watch in 2017.  A number of these companies have climbed higher in value than expected.  And, some of these tech companies are younger, but certainly flexing their muscle.  Multiple IPO’s are illustrating even greater ROI’s for Canadian investors.  Today’s Canadian technology firms

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Post U.S. Election Finances

What does President elect Trump mean for you and your families finances?  We take a look into the future and make some predictions…

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